Company History

This picture was taken in the 1920’s, Daniel Rea is in the centre of the picture wearing the bowler hat.

Rea Metal Windows Ltd was founded over a century ago by Daniel Arthur Rea, a salesman who saw the potential for newly fashionable metal casements and in 1906 purchased a disused rice mill for their manufacture on the then edge of Liverpool (the Tue Brook which turned its water wheels still runs in a deep culvert under the machine shop) He recognised the aesthetic advantage of slim line steel windows with inherent strength & added security over the main competition of the day, timber sashes; (these advantages are apparent today in modern steel windows over alternative aluminium & plastic windows).

The company progressed steadily over the next 30 years installing purpose made steel windows in many prestigious civic buildings, office blocks, factories, schools, hospitals and churches nationwide. An extensive export business developed between the wars, including fenestration for a sugar mill in China and a car factory in Egypt. Rea Metal Windows played a vital part in the war effort manufacturing shipboard ammunition lockers for the merchant navy and airtight steel tanks to be used – albeit unknown to the company – as floating roadways “Mulberry Harbours” during the D-day landings.

Mr. W E Johnson, who had joined the company as a 14 year old office boy in 1928, was the post war Managing Director who steered the company through the highs of post war reconstruction and the industry lows of 1970s recession, only retiring in 1994; (he is now the company’s honorary president). His son Mr. Peter Johnson succeeded him in the 1980s and is still on the board of directors to this day. Several families have been represented by up to four generations in the service of the company. Ownership remains firmly in the hands of the working directors.

After over a century in business the company is continually striving to maintain the high standard of quality that has given REA an exceptionally good reputation within the construction industry & intends to continue manufacturing steel windows for the next 100 years!

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