FiREAct Steel Screens

PHOTOGRAPH – The insulating properties of the glass and framework are evident by the close proximity of observers during a test. The internal temperature will be in the region of 1000 degrees centigrade. The insulation performance fails when any thermocouple records 180 degrees or the average of them all exceeds 140 degrees centigrade.


Screens and doors are manufactured from a range of profiles which are formed from a ‘sandwich’ of dense mineral fibre board, faced each side with precision tubular steel profiles. The thickness of the board material increases as the performance requirement for insulation increases.


The frames are assembled by welding or, when necessary, spigot jointed for assembly on site.

GLAZING – The type of glass will usually be a multi-laminate incorporating special intumescent interlayers. As the period of time for insulation performance increases, so the thickness of the glass must also increase.

Most of the glass types available have a UV resistant version which must be used when in close proximity to ultraviolet light or heat in excess of 40 degrees centigrade.

For external applications, insulating glass units can be supplied.

On exposure to heat, the intumescent interlayers of glass react by increasing in volume forming a sacrifical opaque thermal barrier to both radiant and conductive heat (as seen on the above picture).

APPLICATIONS – This product is suited to the protection of adjacent properties at site boundaries and internal and external escape routes such as corridors, staircase and lift enclosures.

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