FirebREAk Steel Screens & Doors


A ‘FirebREAk’ double leaf single action door with sidelight and fanlights being tested for 60 minutes integrity only. At this point in time (approxmately 45 minutes into the test) the temperature will be in the region of 1000 degrees centigrade.

The FirebREAk range of products are manufactured from precision cold formed steel profiles, from which we produce a range of doors, windows and screens. The frames are assembled by welding or, when necessary, spigot jointed for assembly on site. construction.

The product range provides fire resistance for integrity to EN 357 (BS 476: Part 22: 1987) of 30 and 60 minutes with doors, and up to 120 minutes with fixed glazing.

Hinged rebated doors and single or double action swing doors are available.


The system is appropriate whenever maximum daylight and vision are to be combined with fire safety.

The framing can be used both internally and externally when the weather and corrosion resistant properties of the finishes are important.


There are a wide range of fire resistant glass products suitable for use with this framing. In some cases there are options in the physical appearance of the glass and in other cases the pane sizes and test results will determine which is most suitable.

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