REAframe Steel Windows & Doors

PHOTOGRAPH – St Pauls School, London.

The ‘REAframe’ range of doors and screens are manufactured from precision cold rolled steel profiles. The main benefits of the product are robust durability, torsional rigidity (especially beneficial in door fabrication), and relatively slim sight lines, allowing panes with a high glass to frame ratio.

Typical applications are vertical glazing, where it is regularly used both internally and externally to form doors and screens.

The depth of the frames at typically 50mm, together with a wide range of different depths of beading, allows the use of a wide range of glazing products including high security options which can be beaded from either side of the frame.

In most applications the profiles are welded together into frames, however, due to constraints of size and weight on handling during production, transport and on site, some assemblies need to be spigotted and assembled in the opening.

Composite assemblies of steel windows are formed by joining single units to each other using mullions and/or transoms of appropriate dimensions to provide support.

After fabrication all steel windows are shot blasted & zinc sprayed in accordance with BS EN22063:1994 and, where specified, polyester powder coated to BS6497 to a wide range of standard colours.

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